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Get rid of your fear of flying

Pressmeddelande februari 1, 2018 Therapy Flying Fear

One in five of us are afraid of flying, some to such a degree that they can never even set foot on a plane. This is how it was for the author of a new, easy-to- read book – Get Rid of Your Fear of Flying. Lars Toldbo overcame his fear of flying, trained as a pilot and today helps people all over the world to conquer their phobia.

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“One in five people suffer from a fear of flying, from feelings of slight discomfort to extreme distress. It is typically the plane’s sounds and movements, turbulence, the closed space and lack of control, which triggers this anxiety,” explains Lars Toldbo from fit2fly. In his new international book – Get Rid of Your Fear of Flying, he hopes to help people overcome this common problem.

Real information and effective exercises
”The book provides real information about flying from gate to gate and familiarises you with all the plane’s sounds and movements, so you can remove all the distressing images that arise from misleading information. The book teaches you to understand how your anxiety works, what triggers it and how you can gain control over it, so the anxiety no longer controls you,” claims Lars Toldbo.

“For example, there is a long chapter with answers to pretty much all the ‘what if’ questions: what if the engine fails, what if one of the wings fall off, what if a passenger opens a door... Flying today is extremely safe, and, in every single case, I describe precisely why these concerns are impossible, highly unlikely, or not dangerous,” explains Lars Toldbo.

There is also a link in the book that provides access to informative video examples where you can see and hear how a plane actually works.

“Most people who are afraid of flying often have a large stock of ‘tall tales’ about plane travel. When you have been afraid of something for a long time, you need help to replace the incorrect and ineffectual mental images you have built up in connection with flying quickly and efficiently with comforting images that can support you both before and during the flight,” he observes.

The book thus contains effective, tried-and- tested NLP techniques, which, step by step, remove all the irrational feelings and reactions that are otherwise hard to jettison.

Was once scared of flying himself – today he is a pilot
Lars suffered from a fear of flying himself for many years, which forced him to seek alternatives to taking flights. He even turned down a highly paid international job offer for this very reason, so he knows precisely what kind of thoughts, excuses and feelings go through the mind of those who are afraid of flying.

“You become stressed, irritable, downcast; you can’t read, you can’t eat and you can’t concentrate on anything other than being afraid. Flying, or the thought of flying, is unfortunately a heavy burden for a great many people, as well as their families,” claims Lars Toldbo.

Lars finally overcame his fear of flying and even took a course to train as a pilot and NLP practitioner. He has been holding courses for several years where he helps people tackle their fear of flying. It is these experiences which he has now transposed into a book with information, tools and techniques which he has developed as an NLP therapist, pilot and former sufferer of a fear of flying.

Five steps to removing your fear of flying:

1. Find what triggers your fear of flying

2. Get real information about flying

3. Replace ineffectual mental images with new, comforting images

4. Get new tools for alleviating anxiety

5. Take a flight as soon as possible after reading the book

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About the book:
“Get Rid of Your Fear of Flying”
By Lars Toldbo, fit2fly
ISBN: 978-87- 7188-042- 7, 143 pages, English
Recommended retail price: DKK 249
Can be purchased from, or your local bookshop, both as a printed book
and as an e-book

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Contact info:
Lars Toldbo
Fit2fly ApS
Email: [email protected]
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