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3D Arkitektur now also in Sweden!

Pressmeddelande maj 8, 2009 IT

High quality 3D renderings

Kirk Outsourcing launched their popular 3d animations service almost three years ago and it followed last year by, a similar service just for the Danish market. The high popularity of the Danish page encouraged Kirk Outsourcing to expand the service also to the Swedish market. is the result of this action and now the Swedes can utilize the high quality 3d house renderings offered by 3D Arkitektur. The company has it's production in the Philippines, likewise Kirk Outsourcings other services, and can therefore produce high quality renderings for very competitive prices.

The current economic resession has influenced and reshaped many orginazations structures. Not everything is necessary to keep internal and more and more companies has chosen to use outsourcing. 3D Arkitektur has come out to help architectures in Sweden to save some valuable working hours and money of course. Yes, by outsourcing your needs of 3d graphics to 3D Arkitektur you can and will save time, money, nerves and best of all, outsourcing gives you the opportunity to concetrate on the creative processes that drive the business forward.

3D Arkitektur produces very photo realistic 3d visualizations on both exteriors and interiors. Our Scandinavian management takes care that the communication is handled without cultural concerns in an efficient way. Efficency is also something we believe in. 3D Arkitekturdelivers usually customers projects within 3-4 days. For more information visit

Ville Tervo

Swedish Marketing Manager