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The dog ate your homework? I don’t think so

Press release mai 7, 2013 Education

More and more modern schools are implementing virtual learning environments and eliminating the need to move papers and books between home and school. No more excuses for missed deadlines, and also a great way for schools to become more eco-friendly.

Virtual learning environments (VLE) or learning platforms allow teachers and learners access to resources and communication tools online 24/7. Teachers can give assignments and provide resources and pupils can do their homework and papers and deliver them online. Thus the old “My dog ate my homework”-excuse is no longer valid.

 - I think the opportunity to do things fast and effective online without having to print and carry papers to and from school makes life easier for teachers and pupils, says Nils Olav Sundsteigen of the Fronter Learning Platform.

- By making all resources more easily available, it is easier to motivate pupils, but equally important: Teachers can concentrate on making great assignments and giving feedback rather than worrying about printing and printing costs, and wasting classroom time collecting papers.

Paperless school calls for different thinking

Kastellet School is one of Fronter’s schools employing a “paperless approach”. All information can be found and accessed at any time of the day, including staff updates, information relating to the different year groups, library books and resources.

While Internet technology comes easily to pupils growing up in the Internet era, teachers need training and guidance. Kastellet has therefore employed three Digital Guidance teachers, who help colleagues both technically and pedagogically with their general use of ICT and Fronter.

- Our learning platform provides tools for teachers to share best practices, but we urge schools to not underestimate the need for teachers to get comfortable using the online teaching tools, says Sundsteigen.  

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Notes for editors:

Fronter is the leading learning platform for schools, delivered as a service – a learning management system - over the Internet. With about 160 million log ins per year, Fronter is transforming schools - the way technology has transformed the society our children are growing up in. Fronter was acquired by Pearson, the world's leading learning company. Our education business combines 150 years of experience in publishing with the latest learning technology and online support.