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Teachers are finding new ways to connect with pupils

Press release juli 15, 2013 Education

Virtual learning and teaching technologies are being deployed in more and more schools, but where sceptics fear it might be used to mass-produce education, teachers are actually using it to tailor education to pupils’ individual needs.

The Fronter Learning Platform is a popular virtual learning environment deployed at schools all around the world. They are very happy to see how even senior non web-savvy teachers are using technology to give pupils a better, more individual learning experience.

- Real education is about connecting teachers and students, allowing them to find the best possible way to convey knowledge and experience. We all learn in different ways, and technology is an enabler to teach and learn individually, says Nils Olav Sundsteigen of Fronter.

Web technology is not something you would expect older teachers, who have spent most of their careers using pens and paper would take to, but according to Fronter, these more senior teachers are often the ones that have the teaching experience and confidence to take advantage of the learning management system (LMS), and are using it to full effect. Because this is not really about technology.

- Teachers are not in love with administration. They love engaging with pupils and igniting that spark that drives our young ones to learn. And instead of spending time photocopying, printing, handing out and collecting paper, a good LMS allows for far more contact between teacher and student, says Sundsteigen.

Teachers love interaction

Some teachers also post their classes online and spend the classroom time on assisting pupils doing assignments. This concept is called “flipping the classroom” and allows far more time to guide pupils one on one, and for adapting teaching methods to individual needs.

- What we find when working with educators is that the part of their job they really love is the interaction with the children. Helping kids find their own way of acquiring knowledge. They want teaching technology to be about connecting with pupils and following them up on their individual learning plans, says Sundsteigen: - In short: Teachers want to teach, not lecture.  

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