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Tangent EXEO: Sleek stereo sound

Press release oktober 25, 2010 Electronics

Stop and take a look around. No matter how you slice it, most of us should agree that life is good. But can you make a good thing better? Sure, because even the improvements that seem small add up over time in a positive way.

Exeo set front

Take the new Tangent EXEO, for example. It consists of only two audio components, yet provides a number of connection and playback possibilities that indeed all add up to a lifetime of positive experiences. The EXEO AMP (amplifier) and EXEO CDP (CD player) work together in perfect harmony.

At first glance, the EXEO concept looks rather tame from the outside. Sleek in black, the components’ Scandinavian heritage comes through in their minimalistic design. All unnecessary external buttons have been removed, but their functions have been preserved. They’ve simply been moved to the internal menus of the amp and CD player.


The EXEO AMP is a 2 x 60-watt @ 8W, Class-D (digital) switched power amp. It provides plenty of power to the attached loudspeakers, pumping out the listener’s favourite music clearly and richly. Among the multitude of connection options are gold-plated RCA connections for a CD player, FM/DAB/NET radio, and auxiliary sources. Add a phono input, and outputs for recording, power amplifier, active subwoofer and headphones, and the EXEO AMP becomes more complete.

A number of loudspeaker connections are featured, covering both banana plug & stripped wire terminals. Compatible with most passive speakers on the market today, the Tangent EXEO AMP is also well-suited to the Tangent EVO and Lounge loudspeaker family (sold separately).

An A-B speaker selection function makes it possible to playback music in two individual sound zones, depending on your physical setup. Up to four speakers (2 x stereo) in the two zones can either play your music individually or together. Be assured that no matter what you choose, you’ll double your musical pleasure. When enjoying from a distance, simply use the accompanying remote control to engage this function.

Employ the subwoofer output, and a 2.1 channel surround sound solution is created with ease. Feel the rumble of the deep, low frequency bass effects as they are carried throughout your home. The strong sense of enveloping sound is enhanced by the active crossover - a high-pass filter - which directs the high-frequency treble effects to the tweeters, midrange tones to the midrange units, and deep bass to the active subwoofer. The listening experience is one you’ll soon find hard to live without.

In fact, the high-pass filter permits the satellite speakers to take it a bit easier during operation. This occurs when the LFE (low frequency effects) are directed to the subwoofer. Of these, the Tangent EVO E8 or E10 subwoofer is an outstanding selection for compatibility and listening enjoyment.


The EXEO CD Player is a multi-format digital disc player, capable of providing a wealth of opportunities for the listener. With CD-Audio and MP3 the EXEO CDP is an outstanding companion for a Tangent EXEO Amplifier.

Tangent’s commitment to quality is exemplified in the usage of a Wolfson Microelectronics WM 8761 Digital to Analogue Converter (DAC). This world-class DAC ensures a minimum noise level with virtually no distortion. Furthermore, two digital outputs are built in: one Toslink digtal optical output, and one SPDIF digital coaxial output.

Both the EXEO AMP and EXEO CDP feature large VFD displays. Centrally located, the VFD display offers a wide viewing angle and an appealing intensity. Highlighting user-friendliness, the display can be dimmed according to the ambient light. This adaptation can be made either hands-on or via the handy remote control which accompanies the components. It’s universal features allow both devices to be controlled by a single remote.

Available now

Tangent EXEO is available now at a dealer near you. It is available in black with an anodised black aluminium front.

While individual prices may vary, the suggested retail price is:

EXEO AMP: EUR 299.95

EXEO CDP: EUR 199.95



System output: 2x60 watt @ 8W

Subwoofer out: yes

A/B speakers: yes

High-pass filter: yes

VFD display: yes, dimmable

Phono input: yes 


MP3-audio: yes

DAC: WM 8761

Digital optical out: yes

Digital coaxial out: yes

VFD display: yes, dimmable

About Tangent

Tangent was established by a group of dedicated hi-fi enthusiasts, and within a few years, innovative designs established the company as a major specialist loudspeaker manufacturer. Consistently, its products were highly recommended by respected hi-fi reviewers both from the United Kingdom and beyond. Now based on more than 50 years of experience the product range includes table radios, loudspeakers and electronic components in contemporary design. Tangent has shown that fundamentally correct design can produce a product capable of achieving excellent performance at an affordable price.

More information on the Tangent EXEO  and all other Tangent consumer electronic products are available on or by contacting Torben Kristensen via e-mail ([email protected]) or on +45 9641 1500.