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Press release juni 24, 2014 Property Real estate Storage Self-storage

Spring and early summer are the highest season of the year for selling real estat properties. After the quiet winter the activity goes up and real estate agents become really busy. Expectations from most of sellers are – sell for the highest possible price and sell fast.

Stian Møller Karlsen, sales director of Selvaag Bolig ASA, the Norwegian residential property developer, has commented on this:”It’s definitely a higher chance to sell faster and for a better price if the space is under furnished rather than over furnished. Personal items are not preferable.”

For this reason self-storage units can be ideal solution – for short time period people can rent small storage unit for some of their belonging to free up space in the house or flat and make it more ”representative” for potential buyers.

Karlsen continues: “Usually my customers move from big houses to smaller apartments. They need to use self-storage to find out what to keep and what they can throw away after they have moved into their new apartment.”

Some of such customers use the storage unit only for limited time period, but many decide to keep storage unit long-term to store seasonal belongings and other things which are used only rarely or may be useful in the future.

About City Self-Storage

City Self-Storage is one of the leading self-storage operators in Europe. We provide secure do-it-yourself storage rooms for private and business customers for as long or short they require. Unit sizes range from 1 to 50 sqm and can meet all different storage needs.

City Self-Storage big focus is on promoting and developing people, showing personal approach and that there is more to City Self-Storage than offering empty space.

Expertise of City Self-Storage is based on 20 years of experience. City Self-Storage 38 stores are located in Norway, Denmark, Sweden, Czech Republic, Spain and Poland.

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Property Real estate Storage Self-storage