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Parental involvement: the key to better learning

Press release mai 23, 2013 Education

Fronter is helping parents be active participants in their children's learning. By using the Fronter Learning Platform pupils and parents are given access to relevant and updated information, whenever and wherever they want. The result is more motivated pupils – and more involved parents.

“Fine” is usually the answer children give when asked “How was school today?” and most parents find it difficult to get more information from their child about what they are actually learning. Fronter is a leading learning platform for schools, delivered as a service - a learning management system - over the Internet. One of the thoughts behind Fronter is that parents want to be more involved and that Internet technology can provide the tools for real time involvement.

- Pupils find it much more motivating to work on the computers as they have access to many more resources at their fingertips and can work much faster, says Nils Sundsteigen of Fronter.
– But an added benefit is that parents can follow their sons’ and daughters’ education progress; check that they are doing their assignments; follow the study plans and communicate with teachers online. In other words, keep in touch with all that pupils are doing and 'not' doing at school.

Parent involvement and long term individual goals

Using the Individual Learning Plan (ILP) tool in Fronter, students can more easily set goals and have a long term perspective on their education, taking ownership of achievements and progress. In Norway, it is usual practice, that twice a year pupils conduct a short presentation for their parents where they give an overview of their schoolwork and goals for the future. In many schools this presentation is facilitated by the ILP tool.

 - Setting goals and having the people you care about follow you up on them is a very powerful method of learning. Children want to make their parents proud – and parents want their children to do well in school. With a virtual learning environment like Fronter parents can easily see where their involvement is needed, says Sundsteigen.

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Notes for editors:

Fronter is the leading learning platform for schools, delivered as a service – a learning management system - over the Internet. With about 160 million log ins per year, Fronter is transforming schools - the way technology has transformed the society our children are growing up in. Fronter is owned by Pearson, the world's leading learning company. Our education business combines 150 years of experience in publishing with the latest learning technology and online support.