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Obama won the media coverage in the final weeks of the US-presidency election

Press release november 4, 2008 Politics

- While both US presidential candidates had approximatly the same media coverage in September, was the October media coverage increased in favor of Barack Obama. Almost 37% of the media coverage is in favor of Obama in UK online media by end of October. A similar tendency was found in several other countries outside the US.

The overall coverage of the US election has been very high all over Europe. In the UK alone, online media have referred to Barack Obama in 1726 news articles in the last week of October, compared to 1259 articles referring to John McCain.

"In all countries we have studied a clear pattern has shown that the volume of media coverage has changed for Obama throughout October, In the last week, 467 news articles have covered Barak Obama, without reference to John McCain in the UK's online media alone," comments Morten Rynning CEO of Cyberwatcher Media Monitoring.

In the US there has been a similar pattern. The online media have written at least 2057 news articles last week, only covering Obama.

The online media have reported the majority of the coverage about Barack Obama. In the UK they have the Guardian and The Times for most coverage of Obama in October, with in average 415 news articles each.

In comparison the five most active online media in the US, more than 952 news articles on average have been written about Obama in October.