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Norway - As the only Scandinavian company, Hans Tørsleff management systems presents solution at Microsoft’s world conference

Press release juli 1, 2009 Business

As the only Scandinavian company at Microsoft’s world conference in Phoenix, USA, on September 14-17, 2009, Hans Tørsleff management systems will present a landmark solution that is targeted towards order-based manufacturing industries.

Big Cranes on Site

Currently Danish software manages the production of equipment to the offshore industry in Norway, Singapore, China and Malaysia. The project was initiated at MacGREGOR Hydramarine in Kristiansand, Norway, and is now being used in factories across Singapore, China and Malaysia.

Hans Tørsleff management systems has, in cooperation with Columbus IT, expanded Microsoft's financial system; Dynamics AX, with a professional project management tool. The solution handles various delivery deadlines and resources for hundreds of projects as well as accumulating actual hours, thus ensuring that project managers and management always have an overview of the progress for each project and for the entire project portfolio.

Via barcode readers in the workshops, the actual hours spent on the individual projects are reported back to Dynamics AX, making it possible for project managers to keep close track of the progress on every project. Overview of delivery deadlines and time consumption compared with the budget provides management with information of how resources in the company are being utilized.

The solution is unique, and is an example of how web-service technology can be used to link different applications providing the end-user with the best tool for the specific job. Hans Tørsleff management systems started the development of the solution five years ago and have also had experience from running upgrade programs on the Danish, Portuguese and American F16 fighter planes.

Hans Tørsleff management systems' solution is financed by the global Swedish company Cargotec, which MacGREGOR Offshore is a part of. MacGREGOR has offices in more than 50 countries and has production facilities in all parts of the world.

Hans Tørsleff management systems considers the solution to be a significant milestone in the company's 20 year long history, and sees huge worldwide potential for the solution. 


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