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From Desperate Housewife to upcoming Designer

Press release august 23, 2006 Business

Marianne Larsson is currently presenting her debut collection of streetwear Will & Phill, in Scandinavia.

During the past year, Marianne Larsson has shifted direction from being a housewife with a daily life filled with diaper change, laundry and cooking to redefining herself as an upcoming streetwear designer with international ambitions. After much thought and speculation - and a little help from her friends Marianne jumped into the highly competitive fashion industry with energetic enthusiasm handling all the aspects of the trade including trendspotting, material selection, production and sale. 'Its tough, but exciting”, she says.

The interest and talent to design and sew stem from Mariannes childhood where she used many precious hours designing clothes for her friends doll collections. She later designed clothes for special events such as her brothers wedding.

The decision to enter the fashion industry has come with its challenges but these have not hindered Mariannes ambitions to be succesful. As she says, 'Of course its been difficult when a producer declines an offer or an assistant deserts you in the middle of a process, but this has only made me more determined to continue”.

Marianne found that there was great interest in her designs after her debut collection. The interest came not only from her target group who are men between 14 and 40 years old but also from retailers. Although Marianne is overwhelmed by the interest she has decided to limit her productions. Retailers have to be fast if they want to secure a part of the streetwear collection.

Marianne presented her debut collection featuring an interesting mix of urban style and street fight on 1st August this year. Marianne is currently on a sales tour in Scandinavia to promote her designer brand Will & Phill aptly named after her two sons.