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Accent’s accents and tribute to the BIG APPLE with 2 limited edition versions of Claire de Lune ® Chandelier BIG

Press release september 2, 2008 Homes & Gardens

Copenhagen, May 2008 –The launching of two limited signature editions of the Claire de Lune ® Chandelier – BIG. BIG MIRROR and BIG RED are accompanied by a number of other new additions to the accent line of products.

Claire de luneBIGmirror1

The Chandelier line is a simple, elegant and beautiful expression, evocative of a past era of romance which creates an atmosphere of intimacy and nostalgia.  Claire de Lune ® Chandelier  with its playful patterns of curls and swirls is reminiscent of the baroque and rococo periods,  but designed with contemporary interiors in mind and made with modern materials. 
It unites charm, sophistication and fun, making light, light. 

In its capricious interpretation, Claire de Lune® Chandelier is a new dimension in lighting, providing ambient light, but with an adaptable quality making it suited to most interior styles, from settings in the home to larger interiors, providing atmospheric backdrops for restaurants, boutiques, hotels or stylish bars. Claire de Lune ® Chandelier with its sculptural assets- adds a new dimension to its original function.  The chandeliers are packaged in a specially designed eco-friendly reusable bag, that  can be used many times over as a shopper, beach bag, gym bag. (Concept and design by Claire Requa).


New to the accent product line are our mugs and cushions with the signature swirls of Claire de Lune Chandelier. The mugs are great complements to a design interior. The cushions are 45 cm sq. in a fire-retardent material.

Fun, functional and funky -   FUNKTIONAL!!!!
The series  of Chandelier mirrors includes this XXL version which has many possibilities for both interior design and functionality. 4 other sizes are available to mix and match.    

Designer Claire Requa shares her concept:  "It is my constant challenge to design products that flat-pack, and I love the idea of re-designing something old  in a modern way".

Designer Claire Requa shares her concept for design.  "I love the idea of redesigning something old in a modern way" Claire explains.  "Claire de Lune came to me when I was looking for a chandelier for my home but couldn't find exactly what I wanted." For Claire the motivation behind her design is to challenge acceptance of the everyday world and look for alternatives which have a pinch of fun and humour.  "I want to enjoy life and help others do the same" she says "and it's so rewarding to be able to bring a smile to people's lips through my design."   She also likes her design to be convenient for people. "My constant challenge is to design products that are flat-pack, so they take up as little space as possible when transported - and when assembled,  look great!!"

BARREL series
These are the 3 latest additions to a growing line of drum lampshades.  The Barrel patterns are made in limited numbers. These lampshades come with a diffuser, and are designed to be used either hanging as pendant shades or can be fitted onto a lamp stand for table or floor lamps.

The original Chandelieris nowaccessorized with colors - a pack of 6 barrels to mix and match in lollipop colors - simply called Lollipop. The perfect party pack.

Claire de Lune  ® Chandelier is sold in white and black, with matching barrels, but now with this pack, you can change the look of your lamp to suit whatever mood you might be in.



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