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Teachers are finding new ways to connect with pupils

Press release juli 15, 2013
Virtual learning and teaching technologies are being deployed in more and more schools, but where sceptics fear it might be used to mass-produce education, teachers are actually using it to tailor education to pupils’ individual needs.

Individual Learning Plans: 5 criteria for success

Press release juni 19, 2013
People learn in different ways. Customising education to individual students’ abilities and needs is becoming easier as technology to help teachers do so is becoming more widely available and easy to use. The Fronter Learning Platform suggests 5 criteria for succeeding with individual learning plans.

Parental involvement: the key to better learning

Press release mai 23, 2013
Fronter is helping parents be active participants in their children's learning. By using the Fronter Learning Platform pupils and parents are given access to relevant and updated information, whenever and wherever they want. The result is more motivated pupils – and more involved parents.

The dog ate your homework? I don’t think so

Press release mai 7, 2013
More and more modern schools are implementing virtual learning environments and eliminating the need to move papers and books between home and school. No more excuses for missed deadlines, and also a great way for schools to become more eco-friendly.

Flipped Classroom; a better use of teachers’ class time

Press release mars 27, 2013
The classroom is not what it used to be. The old fashioned approach where a teacher would stand in front of a class and dictate, is not fulfilling all learners’ educational needs. Teachers and school managers around the world are looking for new ways to improve learning. The “Flipped Classroom” is a promising technique for modern teaching.