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E-waste is handled professionally in Namibia

Press release June 29, 2018
E waste africa facility
Electronic waste E-waste africa Namibia NamiGreen, an electronics waste (e-waste) company in Namibia founded in 2017, with the aim of creating local jobs, while doing something good for the environment is ramping up efforts to rid Namibia of it's e-waste.

FabricAir opent verkoopvestiging Nederland

Press release June 1, 2018 Luchtkanaal Textiele luchtkanaal HVAC/R Het originele textiele luchtkanaal is nu beschikbaar op de Nederlandse markt. Toen FabricAir in 1973 het eerste op textiel gebaseerde ventilatiesysteem ter wereld installeerde, luidde het een geheel nieuwe manier van denken binnen HVAC / R en binnenklimaat in. Deze expertise is nu rechtstreeks beschikbaar via FabricAir BV.

Japanischer Architekt Hiroshi Sambuichi und amerikanischer Forscher Greg Ward erhalten den Daylight Award 2018

Press release May 16, 2018 Architecture INNOVATION Software Development Heute, am Internationalen Tag des Lichts der UNESCO, werden der poetische japanische Architekt Hiroshi Sambuichi und der Pionierarbeit leistende amerikanische Forscher Greg Ward zu den Preisträgern des Daylight Award 2018 ernannt. Sie treten in die Fußstapfen vorheriger Preisträger wie Jørn Utzon, SANAA, Peter Zumthor, Lacaton & Vassal, Marilyne Andersen und Steven Holl. Die Preisträger werden nicht nur für ihre Errungenschaften geehrt, sonder erhalten auch ein Preisgeld von €100.000 für ihre bahnbrechende Arbeit und ihre Verdienste um das Tageslicht.

L'architecte japonais Hiroshi Sambuichi et le chercheur américain Greg Ward lauréats du Daylight Award 2018

Press release May 16, 2018 Buildingdesign Architecture Software Development Aujourd'hui, qui est aussi la Journée Internationale de la Lumière de l'UNESCO, l'architecte japonais Hiroshi Sambuichi et l'Américain Greg Ward, chercheur et pionnier, sont annoncés comme étant les lauréats du Daylight Award 2018. Ils s'inscrivent dans la lignée des lauréats précédents, comme Jørn Utzon, SANAA, Peter Zumthor, Lacaton et Vassal, Marilyne Andersen et Steven Holl. En plus de cette récompense, ils vont recevoir chacun 100 000 € pour leurs travaux révolutionnaires et leur dévouement envers la lumière du jour.

Japanese architect Hiroshi Sambuichi and American researcher Greg Ward receive The Daylight Award 2018

Press release May 16, 2018 Design awards Architecture Design Today on The UNESCO International Day of Light, the poetic Japanese architect Hiroshi Sambuichi and pioneering American researcher Greg Ward are announced as laureates of The Daylight Award 2018. They follow the footsteps of earlier recipients, such as Jørn Utzon, SANAA, Peter Zumthor, Lacaton & Vassal, Marilyne Andersen and Steven Holl. In addition to the honour, the laureates each receive €100.000 for their groundbreaking work and dedication to daylight.

Procida : île d'Art en Mai 2018

Press release April 28, 2018
Ile Lasuiteresort Art Concours d’Art dans le Village de pêcheur de la Corricella » - île de Procida

Finland - Eurekos LMS Makes Impressive Debut on Craig Weiss' Learning Systems Ranking

Press release February 26, 2018 E-learning E-læring Human resource management Copenhagen, Denmark - 14 February 2018 - Eurekos announced today that its content-focused learning management system (LMS) placed #22 on Craig Weiss' Top Learning Systems for 2018 report.

Get rid of your fear of flying

Press release January 31, 2018
Fit2fly bog
Therapy Flying Fear One in five of us are afraid of flying, some to such a degree that they can never even set foot on a plane. This is how it was for the author of a new, easy-to-read book – Get Rid of Your Fear of Flying. Lars Toldbo overcame his fear of flying, trained as a pilot and today helps people all over the world to conquer their phobia.

Beesion Lanza Software de Próxima Generación, basado en Bajo Código, para Comisiones de Telecomunicaciones

Press release January 10, 2018 Business Support Systems Software Low-Code Software Maneja comisiones de ventas para Internet de las Cosas (IoT) y servicios 5G, como los autos conectados.

Zambrano le apuesta a las pymes latinoamericanas

Press release December 14, 2017
Zambrano procolombia
Negocios EXPORTACIONES Marca Existe talento por parte de los empresarios y el apoyo incondicional de entidades promotoras de comercio exterior

Meet the chief curatorial team of 2017 Bi-City Biennale of Urbanism\Architecture

Press release December 11, 2017
UABB2017 Curatorial Team
Art China Development Renowned art critic Hou Hanru and architectural experts Liu Xiaodu and Meng Yan collaborate to present "Cities, Grow in Difference"