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Nederlandse consumenten gaan van rood naar groen - plantaardig gehakt komt naar Nederland

Press release November 29, 2018
Naturli burger
Gehakt Naturli´ Er is een voedselrevolutie gaande in Nederland, waarin de consumptie van rood vlees daalt en waarbij bijna de helft van de Nederlanders aangeeft dat ze graag minder vlees willen consumeren. Daarom lanceert het Deense Naturli Foods medio januari in 650 Albert Heijn-winkels in heel Nederland haar 100 procent plantaardige gehakt.

NamiGreen Partnership With Ministry of Education Boosts Recycling and Job Creation

Press release November 27, 2018
Ministry of Education, Namibia
Partnership Recycling E-waste With job creation stagnant and e-waste problems increasing, a company called NamiGreen has commenced operations throughout Namibia with twin goals in mind. The company seeks to jump-start both electronic waste recycling and employment through gathering and processing old cell phones, computers, television sets, and other devices. To advance this goal, NamiGreen has created a partnership with the Ministry of Education.

The problem with E-waste

Press release October 10, 2018
NamiGreen - Logo large
Namibia Electronic waste E-waste africa According to WHO, waste electronics (e-waste / WEEE) are polluting drinking water and harming ecosystems around the world when e-waste a improperly handled.

Settembre sull'Isola di Procida

Press release August 30, 2018
Procida Vacanza Settembre Calendario Eventi - Settembre 2018

SanMichele Procida apre le porte ad Agosto 2018, Isola di Procida

Press release August 30, 2018
San Michele Port View
Napoli Vacanze Settembre Nell’idilliaco paesaggio di Marina Corricella, il villaggio di pescatori dell’isola di Procida, nasce un nuovo concetto di ospitalità dallo stile bohemien di lusso: San Michele!

Electronic waste dumping in Namibia?

Press release July 17, 2018
E-waste Africa generated global ewaste monitor 2017
China Africa Electronics Certainly not! NamiGreen, an electronic waste management company ensure safe disposal of e-waste in Africa

Namibia is one of highest 'e-waste-generating' countries in Africa

Press release July 17, 2018
E-waste generation Africa - Top 10 countries
Electronic waste Electronics Norway E-waste statistics from the UN, ITU and ISWA tells that the relatively high living standards in Namibia is the main explaining factor for the high amounts of e-waste generated per inhabitant in Namibia

E-waste recycling in Africa

Press release July 16, 2018
E waste sorting africa
E-waste Ghana Namibia NamiGreen responsibly recycles e-waste in Africa for companies in US and Europe

ERA NPC Launches E-waste Management Plan

Press release July 16, 2018 E-waste E-waste africa Meaning more jobs and less toxic landfill

Electronic Waste in Africa: Recycling Methods

Press release July 10, 2018
Global e waste generated global ewaste monitor 2017
E-waste Ghana Namibia Toxic Electronic Waste should not go to landfills and toxic dumps

E-waste Namibia

Press release July 4, 2018 Recycling E-waste Africa Electronic waste, e-waste, mamagement in Namibia