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Good leadership equals satisfied employee

Press release August 26, 2016
Header 3 Very few people know how to appreciate good leadership. Many have probably experienced managers who have been fantastic in one way or another, and just as many can probably think of a leader who was not able to keep track or made a wrong decision with drastic negative consequences.

Personal Development as the Solution to Growing Internal Competition

Press release August 3, 2016
LinkedIn 800x800 1 For decades, the phenomenon of brain drain has troubled developing countries all over the globe. The countries have spent resources on educating business professionals in the belief that they would build the foundation of the country in the years to come. Instead the talented work force look to the Western world, where the opportunities seem numerous and promising.

Where Do We Find Growth and Development in the Coming Years?

Press release April 27, 2016
Shutterstock 363528866 Answer: The international growth markets. It is imperative to know the answer if your organisation is to remain competitive in a global environment

Johtaminen uudessa yrityksessä

Press release October 1, 2015
Klappahänder Uuteen työpaikkaan sopeutuminen vie aikansa, etenkin jos aloitat työt johtajatasolla. Yhtäkkiä sinun täytyy samanaikaisesti oppia yrityksen sisäiset säännöt ja näyttää osaamisesi saavuttamalla omat tavoitteesi. Ei ole yhtä oikeaa tapaa mukautua omiin sekä muiden asettamiin odotuksiin, mutta listasimme muutaman vinkin jotka auttavat johtajia sopeutumaan uuteen työympäristöönsä.