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The UN declares war on the West's "tsunami" of electronic waste

Press release February 1, 2019
Landfill in Nigeria - e-waste PR The millions of tons of electronic waste that the developed countries dump in other countries must be controlled, says the UN in a new report.

2018 saw recycling rates of e-waste increase in Namibia

Press release January 11, 2019
Global E waste recycling rates - NamiGreen / United Nations Times are changing in Namibia - recycling rates of electronic waste are increasing and 2018 was the best year so far.

The problem with E-waste

Press release October 10, 2018
NamiGreen - Logo large According to WHO, waste electronics (e-waste / WEEE) are polluting drinking water and harming ecosystems around the world when e-waste a improperly handled.

Electronic waste dumping in Namibia?

Press release July 17, 2018
E-waste Africa generated global ewaste monitor 2017 Certainly not! NamiGreen, an electronic waste management company ensure safe disposal of e-waste in Africa

Namibia is one of highest 'e-waste-generating' countries in Africa

Press release July 17, 2018
E-waste generation Africa - Top 10 countries E-waste statistics from the UN, ITU and ISWA tells that the relatively high living standards in Namibia is the main explaining factor for the high amounts of e-waste generated per inhabitant in Namibia

EP Shanghai 2009 Attended by 17,248 Visitors

Press release August 7, 2009
Smart Grid Conference Captured Market Attention

Vietnam Comm 2009 / Vietnam Electronics 2009

Press release March 25, 2009
The Largest and Most Significant ICT & Electronics Events in Vietnam

Le contrôle ingénieux et aisé de votre logement

Press release September 17, 2008
2 LinTronic permet d'utiliser les télécommandes Beo4 et Beo5 de Bang&Olufsen pour commander des appareils autres que B&O : serveurs média et son, appareils audio/vidéo, lampes, rideaux, porte de garage, ordinateur, etc.

Vietnam Telecomp / Vietnam Electronics 2008

Press release May 7, 2008
The Perfect Platform for Establishing and Expanding Business in the Blooming Vietnam ICT / Electronics Market