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Educational development to be the foundation of UAE 2021 Growth Strategy

Press release August 29, 2016
Createsend1 The UAE government and H.H. Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum presented 12 KPIs in the 2021 vision on the official website, which are to play the most essential role in reaching the 2021 goal for the UAE in becoming a global economic hub.

Be educated with your colleagues and create collective results faster

Press release August 11, 2016
Shutterstock 183347000 When an organisation chooses to register several employees for a course, new knowledge and tools are imbedded much faster in the organisation. In other words, it might turn out to be profitable to register more employees at the same time.

Brexit to impede UAE growth plans by 2021?

Press release July 21, 2016
Billede 2 stamp On June 26 the Dubai Financial Market (DME) General Index opened 4.7% lower. It is the sharpest fall in a single day of trading in six months, which has sparked uncertainty on the outlook of UAE growth.

Sheikh Mohammed responds to forecasted Brexit consequences and aims to create 27,000 jobs in Dubai by 2030

Press release July 5, 2016
Mailbillede 3 While the UK is in panic about job security and the economic future for Britain, residents in the UAE have a more positive outlook. Prime Minister and Ruler of Dubai, Sheikh Mohammed states that huge investments are being made in Dubai's industrial sector with new strategies and 75 new initiatives.

UAE empowers businesswomen

Press release June 23, 2016
Billede1 More than 250 business women were gathered to listen to the success stories of inspirational speakers when the council, an affiliate of Nama Women Advancement Establishment (Nama), held its annual Ramadan Summit titled ‘Self Reflections’ the 14th of June 2016 in Sharjah.

Good leadership equals satisfied employees

Press release June 20, 2016
Billede 15 logo Very few people know how to appreciate good leadership. Many have probably experienced managers who have been fantastic in one way or another, and just as many can probably think of a leader who was not able to keep track or made a wrong decision with drastic negative consequences.

Pay raises set to decrease for UAE business professionals in 2017

Press release June 16, 2016
Createsend1 According to Willis Towers Watson's latest Salary Budget Planning Study, wages in the UAE are expected to decrease from 4.9% to 4.6 % in 2017. This is bad news to business professionals whom are ambitious and wish to be rewarded for their dedication. However, business professionals can claim their reward by taking part-time executive management education to secure their career and pay raise.

Where Do We Find Growth and Development in the Coming Years?

Press release April 27, 2016
Shutterstock 363528866 Answer: The international growth markets. It is imperative to know the answer if your organisation is to remain competitive in a global environment

Probana Business School: Supplementary Education Increases Competitiveness

Press release April 18, 2016
Active globe dip mand Education is a heavily debated subject and the conclusion must be, that we need to be more educated to maintain growth and visions. If we are to be more inventive and efficient than our competition, we must help each other. To meet this demand we have formed an alliance with the most skilful professors and business professionals from across the globe to facilitate our courses.

A Flourishing Career Calls for Supplementary Education

Press release April 15, 2016
Active globe dip mand Top-level management is imperative to an organisation’s top and bottom line growth and its success with developing and retaining its employees. Supplementary education is therefore a necessity to ambitious business professionals.

Probana Business School - An increasing demand for supplementary education

Press release April 12, 2016
There is a vast need for further developing the global workforce as we live in such a competitive environment. This does not only apply for people in operations but also for executives.

Mini MBA - Highest level of Executive Training

Press release March 4, 2016
Nf1 Right now, you can sign up 3 of your employees for our Mini MBA Programme and receive 3 brand new iPads for a total price of only 27,500 AED (Normal Price 37,500 AED)