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Vittoria Industries achieves uniformity of communication with Perfion PIM

Press release January 20, 2016 Product Information Management Product Data Management

At Vittoria Industries Ltd, the world’s leading manufacturer of bicycle tires, the Perfion Product Information Management solution will solve the challenge of creating an internal source of truth.

Not long ago Vittoria experienced a number of different challenges regarding their Product Data Management: One of the key challenges were that the independently managed factories producing Vittoria’s wheels and tires use their own systems’ databases and have no direct connection to Vittoria’s Dynamics AX solution. Consequently, there was always a chance that technical information was not aligned.

Another challenge was to get the necessary product data suitable for marketing management. Almost every marketing expression was a manual and extremely time consuming process of gathering data and ensuring that it was correct.

Perfion PIM integrates 100% with other IT systems

The solution was found in the PIM system that integrates 100% with Vittoria’s Dynamics AX ERP system and the B2B eCommerce ordering platform based on Sana Commerce.

At Vittoria, Perfion will mainly solve the challenge of creating an internal source of truth. Furthermore, Vittoria is leveraging Perfion for catalog creation with automated processes to eliminate human errors and to reduce effort, time and cost.

Later on, Perfion will also feed product information to the new Sales Support Portal and the B2B eCommerce platform. Also factsheets and pricelists will likely be managed with the Perfion PIM solution in the future.

More automation and less errors

According to Michael Marx, Senior Executive Manager at Vittoria Industries, the Product Information Management system will support the business in several ways:

“The biggest win for us is that everyone at Vittoria will work with Perfion and get access to information that is always correct. To all questions that employees would earlier have spent time asking a colleague, they will now find the single correct answers in Perfion. This ensures uniformity of communication around our products.

Perfion gives us more automation, easier access to critical information, less errors, and faster response times to external requests.”

Details About Vittoria Industries

Vittoria Industries Ltd is an international group that acquired the famous premium cotton tubular tires producer Vittoria Spa in 1990. Vittoria has built highly reputable partnerships within in the cycling industry and created a distinct brand image.

Today, Vittoria Industries is an international manufacturer of bicycle tires and wheels with worldwide commercial operations in three distinct regions: EMEA & LATAM, North America and Asia Pacific. The group holding company, Vittoria Industries Ltd, carries out manufacturing and R&D at its Lion Tyres Thailand Ltd factory in Bangkok, producing bicycle tires for their own brands and for private labels, and in Taiwan for bicycle wheels.


Product Information Management Product Data Management