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Urgent and Authenticated Non-fiction Set to Unveil Freemason Truths

Press release September 11, 2009 Multimedia

Two new books - authenticated: History/autobiography/current events/verse. Ideal for gits - and DISCOUNTED at

For Immediate Release.

DUBLIN, Southern Ireland, September, 2009

Contact: Author/Publisher, Eliza Earsman.  [email protected] or[email protected]

Days of Elijah: A True Story (Revised and Expanded) by Eliza Earsman.

Do you remember:

•Pan Am 103 Lockerbie

•The Dunblane Massacre

•Logan Airport on 9/11 2001

•War in Iraq and escalating violence in the Middle East

•World Wars I and II—leading to the imminent WWIII

•Bodies and body bags from all of the above?

Scottish Ritual Freemasonry's cause is the effect!

In this riveting real-life account, Eliza Earsman shares all about Freemasonry’s documented connections to corrupt politics and harrowing world events. Days of Elijah exposes some of the darkest secrets the Freemasons have attempted to hide, including such intriguing facts as:

1. Scottish Ritual Freemasonry's HQ is at 96 George Street, Edinburgh, Scotland—from where Freemasons went out to be the builders of the U.S. White House.

2. The Knesset, Israel (Masonic Lodge), was specifically designed and built by Rothschild.

3. Adolf Hitler was a Rothschild offshoot.

4. Watch the globally and strategically placed “black dots” and “traditional handshakes” as politicians tour the world.

Current events show a growing awareness of Mountbatten-Windsor’s attempts to hinder public awareness of these Days of Elijah (Revised): A True Story details. Their main goal: to try to thwart understanding and accountability for their intended World War III evils.

Major worldwide events have overtaken the lives of many, yet Eliza Earsman is one of few willing to step out and speak the truth on a global domain. Opposition from the British base of crime-ridden Freemasonry has been fierce…but her determination is fiercer.

Days of Elijah (Revised): A True Story is a war document. Details are lodged with the Institute of War Documentation in Amsterdam, Holland.

For those who stand at the sidelines watching, be warned: they also kill those who do nothing.

Book information:

Days of Elijah (Revised): A True Story by Eliza Earsman. ISBN: 978-0-9556248-2-7

Subject: History/autobiography.

Size: 6 x 9” Perfect Bound. Copyright©2009. Pages: 230

From the back cover:


Despite failed attempts to silence this author, details emerge of the spiritual contentions and intentions of Britain’s Mountbatten-Windsor Royal family, their inner circles, and other horrifying realities behind the Scottish Ritual Freemasons.

Their World War III agenda is exposed.

This evidence will move, shock, and sadden readers as a story of loss, faith, love, action, and grief unfolds.

But…remnants of joy and laughter engage readers as the details encompass the author’s Scottish lowland birth, background, childhood, adulthood, and calling at the age of forty.

Sensible and multicultural readers will benefit from insightful access to understanding the historical content and context.

Based on integrity, goodwill, and an already high worldwide profile, Days of Elijah provides an opportunity to step into the life of one courageous outspoken woman.

A must-read!

About the Author:

Police work and experience has brought heiress and non-Masonic author Eliza Earsman into close contact with some of the most prominent leaders of Freemasonry. As a result, Eliza has become an unintended agent provocateur. As such, she has become uniquely qualified to present her publicly profiled narrative non-fiction, Days of Elijah. Despite fierce Mountbatten-Windsor contention against her work going public, Eliza still presses on against all controversy.

Eliza is a member of international literary communities and has traveled internationally spreading her message.

Also by Eliza Earsman:

A Collection of Verse – non-fiction. ISBN: 978-0-9556248-1-0

Subject: History/Verse. Size: 6 x 9” Perfect Bound. Copyright©2009. Pages: 108.

From the back cover:


This latest publication by Eliza Earsman expands in verse some of the data contained in Days of Elijah (Revised): A True Story (ISBN 978-0-9556248-2-7).

Specific attention should be paid to the final poem “LEST SHE FORGETS,” which details the intended World War III atrocities of Queen Elizabeth Mountbatten-Windsor, British reigning monarch.

Sanity galvanizes readers to act!

Commend this book to others.


Contact for articles, written interviews, and further information:

Eliza Earsman, Author/publisher:

[email protected] or [email protected]


Annonce: håndværkerhjælp