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Total Reward Management in focus in India

Press release June 18, 2013 Business

Total Reward Management is gaining a lot of popularity in India in the last few years, prima-rily because of two broad phenomena; first being the diverse needs of an evolved workforce. Total Reward Management is a US-inspired concept, which assumes that the company should take a holistic view when reward is discussed. Total Reward differs from traditional reward systems based on acknowledgement that it is not only monetary rewards that motivate employees. Reward relates to all the elements of the employment relationship that has value for the employee. Read more here

The difference is that it also focuses on intangible rewards such as development opportunities. Total Reward is an attempt to give employees a more satisfying work experience by bringing the components of learning, career development and other intangible aspects of the employment relationship into the reward more   Rewards according to the Total Reward concept are based on the following 5 components:

• Monetary pay compensation, read more

• Employee benefits

• Work Experience

• Effort and reward  

• Development and career opportunities, read more

There is a close linkage between motivation and rewards. The Mini MBA programme - Which is huge succes in India - is right now focusing on Total Reward Management in India. The Mini MBA is designed to expand the functional knowledge base of executives as well as on their ability to lead in an increasingly global business environment. The programme consists of six primary education modules: All are real-world programs designed for busy professionals, combining proven teaching methods with an intensive pace to ensure maximum learning in minimal time. The Mini MBA covers the key concepts of the MBA at a fraction of the usual cost in time and money. Read more here


The Mini-MBA programme is an accelerated executive certificate program that covers the key topics and management disciplines of the MBA curriculum. The Mini MBA program lasts three months and starts 12 times per year – in January, February, March, April, May, June, July, August, September, October, November and December. Read more here


No matter where you live or what your schedule, you can develop or refine key interpersonal and business skills online with the Mini MBA. The Mini MBA provides a practical foundation in current business practices in an intensive 3 month format, approximately 4-5 hours study per week online. Through e-learning, case studies, lectures online, problem-solving exercises and interactive class sessions, you will obtain the knowledge you need to succeed within your organization. The goal of this program is to make you more effective by providing a framework of knowledge for making informed business decisions on issues affecting organizations today. Read more here

The Total Reward Managemet system seems to be finding currency in the changing landscape where an employee value proposition is viewed on a more holistic scale encompassing what an organization can offer, be it the organizational ethos, its leadership, employer brand, the intrinsic culture, nature of work and pay. Read more here