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The UAE to combat gender inequality in 2021-strategy

Press release August 25, 2016 Mba Executive Career Training Leader Competence Learning Study Programme Business Management Leadership Online CEO

In the UAE’s growth strategy for 2021, one of the eye-catching visions is the wish to become a top 25 country when it comes to gender equality. Studies from early 2016 show that women only occupy 43% of the total workforce in UAE.

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To encourage more women to choose the career path, and fulfil the 2021 goal, The Gender Balance Council has established a committee with the purpose of reviewing the law and to activate the Gender Balance Index across numerous sectors. Shaikha Manal strongly believes that the construction of the committee reflects UAE’s vision of solidifying the role of women across all sectors and ensuring their participation in the economic growth and development for the country.

"We are working to activate the 'Gender Balance Index' across various sectors to enhance the role of women, and promote gender equality through encouraging female participation. In the next phase, the UAE Gender Balance Council will take the necessary steps to ensure that men and women have equal opportunities to participate in the sustainable development of the UAE and to achieve the country's vision in terms of gender balance on a local, regional and global level,"

  • Shaikha Manal states in an interview with Khaleej Times.

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Mba Executive Career Training Leader Competence Learning Study Programme Business Management Leadership Online CEO