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The five R-words

Press release July 2, 2013 Education

A tool that can be used in the development of a good psychological working environment may be the five R-words. These words can be used to develop a health and safety policy, which the organization can operate from. This method helps to clarify the different factors. Who does what? Why would we do that? Should we do it? Prioritizing tasks, solving tasks and measuring effort. And finally, the method should make the work environment visible to the individual and the community.

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Within the five R-words you address certain basic terms. There are some basic terms that, according to the model, cannot be changed. There are some terms that can be changed through the efforts of management. There are some that can be changed through the group's overall performance. And finally, there are some basic terms that can be changed through individual effort.

The five R-words are examined below with examples of relevant questions for each category. They must be worked out in order:


- What tasks are they?
- What authorities are there?
- What is the economic framework?
- What other connections are relevant?


- What work goals are there?
- What is the common vision?
- What results are expected - for whom and why?


- With framework and direction clearly established, how is the current distribution of roles?
- Are there other new or additional roles?
- Should there be redistributions or new ways of collaboration?
- Is each aware of their role and its content?


- What are the rules required for cooperation? - Both internally and with external partners?
- How do the information paths look?
- How is cooperation in relation to workflows best required?
- Should there be deadlines for work procedures, or anything that facilitates collaboration?
- What is the optimal division of labor and how do procedures look? How can it be realized from the given framework and direction?


- How to optimize employee engagement through the relationships we have with each other at work?

- Which communication do we want to have - professionally, socially, privately, as well as with whom, where and when (employee - employee, employee - manager, employee - external partner, manager - external partner etc.)

- What types of support would people like at work. How can this be realized?

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