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Thailand’s IT market to register positive growth due to improved economic and political conditions

Press release August 28, 2014 IT industry trends, IT industry analysis, IT market research

The report covers the key end-user segments of the IT market in Thailand, it also covers the IT market landscape and its growth prospects in the coming years.

Thailand has one of the strongest IT markets in Southeast Asia. IT market research has shown that after the economic recession and political turmoil, the economy of Thailand is driving businesses in Thailand to invest openly in the IT market to improve their efficiency.

This report, IT Market in Thailand 2014-2018, provides a detailed analysis of the market and focuses on the growth trends, major players, recent developments and key drivers of the IT market in Thailand.

Market overview

Political turmoil and tensions, rising household debt and the continuous baht depreciation were some of the reasons that led to the slow growth of the IT market in Thailand in 2014. But recent research has shown that the situation will improve over the years and the market will record a CAGR of 7.9% in the forecast period.

Key drivers

As the economy is slated to improve, the high private final consumption is acting as one of the main drivers in the market. In addition to this better connectivity and falling prices of devices are enabling a wide range of players to enter the market. Continuous and strong growth can be witnessed in products and services like cloud computing, big data analysis, tablets, real time business management systems and software adoption, mostly seen among small and medium enterprises.

Key players

The key players in this industry include Acer Inc., Advanced Information Technology Public Company Ltd., Hewlett-Packard Co., IBM Corp., Adobe Systems Inc., A I System Co. Ltd., Amazon Web Services Inc., Arcadia Soft (Thailand) Co. Ltd., ASUSTeK Computer Inc., Blue D Zine Co. Ltd., Cisco Systems Inc., Cube of Nine Co. Ltd., Dell Inc., Enterprise Computing Services (Thailand) Co. Ltd., Fujitsu Ltd., Google Inc., i-App Creation Co. Ltd., Lenovo Group Ltd., Longkong Studio Co. Ltd., Magic Software (Thailand) Corp. Ltd., Microsoft Corp., Mobile Technology for Thailand, NTT Communications Corp., Oracle Corp., SAP AG, SAS Institute Inc., Seiko Epson Corp., SoftControl.Net Ltd., Tata Consultancy Services Ltd., TOT Public Company Ltd. , Total Access Communication plc , and TRUE Internet Data Centre Co. Ltd.

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IT industry trends, IT industry analysis, IT market research