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Press release September 16, 2009 Fashion

Local design student participates in competition in re-creating top designers fur design using animal friendly alternatives.

(VANCOUVER, BC, September 12, 2009) Secretly working away at designing a dress, Ingrid Bergstrom-Kendrick is showing Michael Kors how it’s done. Participating in the Art Institute’s annual competition Cool vs. Cruel, Ingrid is re-inventing a MK design using alternatives to the fur he used while competing against other students for an opportunity of a life time.

The competition is a fashion show that allows a group of upcoming graduates from the Art Institute’s fashion program to show off their animal friendly alternatives and show the top designers how it’s really done. The winner will head to nationals where they will compete for an internship in New York with an acclaimed designer who is involved with the Humane Society. The event put on by the Humane Society and the Art Institutes help celebrate the creativity of students and show that there are plenty of other materials that can be used besides those that are cruel to animals.

“It's a great opportunity. Not only if for the winner, just participating gives you a exposure and a way to show what you can do to a lot of people. And I won’t lie...the experience of winning the internship would be amazing!” said Ingrid when asked why she wanted to participate in the competition.

While Ingrid’s competition design strays away from the denim and knits that complete her final collection, there is no doubt that it is an Ingrid Bergstrom-Kendrick design. Come out and see her design along with many others on September 17th, 2009 at the Art Institute’s Renfrew Campus for a night of entertainment and sure to be a night like no other. There are no tickets required and no entrance fee only the desire to support the students and to see what they have created.