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Sports bar in Basel

Press release October 3, 2022 Sportsbar Bar Basel Switzerland Guiness Stout Auld Dubliner Pubs Pub

Pubs are considered the best places for watching streams of sports events. In addition to the exciting atmosphere, visitors receive tasty dishes and unique drinks.

The culture of visiting pubs gained popularity not because of sports but because of the atmosphere inside bars. Irish pubs are the most well-known pubs in the world. They attract tourists even if they aren’t located in Ireland. Visit the best Irish sports bar in Basel’s downtown, Switzerland!

Watch sports in Auld Dubliner?

Watching sports in Auld Dubliner is a reasonable idea due to several reasons:

Great screen

Enjoying sports entertainment is impossible when watching them on poor-quality screens. Auld Dubliner’s management paid much effort and attention to this aspect. They realize the importance of high-quality visuals and sounds. 27 TV sets, located on the Auld Dubliner’s second floor, provide the best viewer experience.

Authentic drinks

Initially, pubs weren’t created for watching sports on 20+ TV sets. These were places where men gathered to drink some beer or other alcoholic drinks. Drinking beer while watching sports have already become a men’s tradition. Now imagine that in Auld Dubliner you can taste the flavours of not just average beer one can find in any supermarket but variations of true authentic Irish bears. Enjoy Guinness stout ad various types of Irish whiskey!

Traditional dishes

Auld Dubliner is an average bar where people get drunk while watching sports. Auld Dubliner offers a unique menu, consisting of Irish cuisine dishes. Taste traditional fish & chips or other appetizers you like. Don’t miss authentic Irish lamb stew!

Friendly atmosphere

Sports make people closer. Watching your favorite sports with other fans is the best way to make new acquaintances. Find people having similar interests and tastes in sports. Support your favorite rugby, football, baseball teams together and you will learn some cool emotions and feelings. This is all possible in Auld Dubliner, Basel, Switzerland.

Enjoy your life!

Visiting this sports pub is a worthy idea even if you aren’t a fan of sports and you don’t like watching athletic tournaments in crowded places. Get to the first floor and enjoy the same menu of authentic drinks and dishes originating in Ireland! Auld Dubliner is a great place to have some rest after a difficult working day. Spend some time with friends or enjoy dancing!


Sportsbar Bar Basel Switzerland Guiness Stout Auld Dubliner Pubs Pub