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Rice milling industry expected to grow due to increased popularity of Basmati

Press release August 26, 2014 Rice milling companies, rice mill industry

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Around the world, more than 150 million hectares of paddy fields yield nearly 500 million tons of rice. A staple diet in multiple countries, rice provides more than 21% of total food calories consumed by people around the world. However, as per the rice mill industry, customers are today more diet-conscious than ever before and want rice with a balanced starch content. More than 14,000 varieties are available, of which Indian Basmati is the most sought-after. This is because in this variety, there is no extra starch, which will make the rice less sticky and messy, and the grain remains intact even after cooking. Because of its health benefits, Basmati today captures nearly 20% of the world’s rice consumption.

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Popularity of Basmati rice driving export

Keeping an eye on the popularity of Basmati rice in the international market, the rice milling companies are eagerly developing marketing strategies to gain market share globally. Many companies are already exporting to overseas destinations and earning popularity in the market. Therefore, the share of exports in the total revenues is also rapidly increasing. One of the most favored varieties of Basmati rice is the parboiled one, mainly because of its aromatic flavor and non-sticky nature.

Indian contribution to rice industry

One of the largest producers of rice, India alone accounts for 20% of all world rice production. Around 65% of population eats rice as their staple food. The rice milling industry is concentrated in Northern India, Eastern and Southern India. The Indian market gains maximum revenue from exports of Basmati. More than 75% is exported from the Haryana and Punjab. With government initiatives, the region has been able to develop automated mills and invest in high quality sorting machines, which further boosted the rice milling sector.

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Rice milling companies, rice mill industry