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REV’IT! chose future-proof Product Information Management with Perfion PIM

Press release May 19, 2017 Perfion Ecommerce E-commerce Product Data Management Product Information Management PIM Webshop REV'IT!

In connection with an upgrade to a new B2B dealer portal, REV’IT!, the Dutch designer and manufacturer of fashionable motorcycle gear, chose a new, future-proof path by implementing a 100% standard PIM system - Perfion.

When REV’IT!, started using Perfion Product Information Management, the company had been working with a custom built PIM solution for some years, but REV’IT!’s challenge was that it was extremely time consuming and expensive to make changes in the old system.                             

B2B e-commerce demands consistent product data 

In connection with an upgrade to a new B2B dealer portal based on the Sana Commerce platform, REV’IT! chose a new, future-proof path by switching to a 100% standard PIM system - Perfion. 

With Perfion, REV’IT! has become able to offer consistent product information on all platforms and thus tell the consumers a consistent story. 

Bas Stijntjes,ICT Manager at REV’IT! Sport International, explains: 

“We could choose to invest in rebuilding our custom PIM solution or in a standard PIM solution. We chose Perfion and even though it took some time to recreate the database to our needs, as soon as we needed to make the first change, our investment was returned; No customizations. So almost immediately - within the first year - it paid itself back” 

Today, Perfion delivers all product related information, such as product descriptions, protection features, ergonomic features, reviews, prizes won, images, etc. of 10.000 SKUs sharing information over 2000 variants in 8 different languages to the consumer website, B2B dealer website, Product feed for website of REV’IT! Dealers, dealer workbook, iPad Bulk order tool used by REV’IT!’s account managers.

Because of the marketing department’s demands for a growing amount of product data, REV’IT! is continuously adding new data to Perfion in order to make the PIM system the company’s only source of product enrichtment. 

Benefits of standard functionality and flexibility 

At REV’IT!, Perfion is extracting data directly from Microsoft Dynamics NAV and the Sana Commerce platform grabs all product data, including the data from the ERP, through Sana’s complete integration with Perfion. 

REV’IT! uses the software platform Mendix as a middleware. Because of Perfion’s open API, it has been easy to integrate Perfion with Mendix and from here link Perfion with the consumer website. Through Mendix, REV’IT! can easily connect Perfion with any other of their systems. 

Instead of spending time figuring out if a new idea can work, REV’IT! now benefits from Perfion’s standard functionality and flexibility. ICT Manager Bas Stijntjes explains: 

“Perfion is particularly suitable for our purposes because of its flexibility. It suits and will suit every need we have in product enrichment and is in this way future-proof. We can make any change ourselves or get the support we need. We can try things out and if it doesn’t work, we can do something else. If others have to build things for you it is costly. 

more About REV’IT! 

REV’IT! Sport International designs and manufactures fashionable motorcycle gear for aficionados – functional clothing of the highest quality. Operating out of offices in Oss, the Netherlands, New York City and in the nearby future Hong Kong, REV’IT! is one of the fastest growing motorcycle clothing brands worldwide. Recognized as a benchmark for good product design in the industry, REV’IT! is available in more than 70 countries and worn by avid bikers throughout the world.



Perfion Ecommerce E-commerce Product Data Management Product Information Management PIM Webshop REV'IT!