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Relaunch Of Classic Large-room Pendant

Press release October 8, 2007 Homes & Gardens

Louis Poulsen Lighting now reintroduces LP Centrum, one of its classic pendants.

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The LP Centrum pendant was designed for large rooms, based on Poul Henningsen's original drawings and completed by Danish lighting designer Kurt Nørregård. Louis Poulsen Lighting has not marketed the pendant for a number of years, but it was previously known in our range as Memory.

LP Centrum was made to illuminate very large rooms, and in such settings, the fixture unites excellent lighting qualities with extremely favourable operating costs. Its simple, classic design enables complete shielding of the light source coupled with superb light output and luminous efficacy.

LP Centrum is related to PH Snowball and PH Louvre, both conceived by Poul Henningsen in the 1950s. LP Centrum works on the same principle of mirroring reflection but is - due to its design - particularly suited for very large rooms.

LP Centrum is especially ideal for illuminating high-ceilinged rooms, such as conference halls, audience rooms, foyers, railroad stations and shopping centres.

The LP Centrum shades are made from spun aluminium. Its frame is extruded, anodised aluminium. The fixture comes with a four-meter cable and canopy.
LP Centrum is fitted with 1x150W HIT G12 HF.


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