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Rail Pass for Japan, a cheap way to get around the country fast and easy

Press release July 12, 2013 Tourism

According to this article about the Japanese archipelago, there are 6852 islands that constitute de country of Japan. Only 430 of those islands are inhabited.

You are planning a travel to Japan and want to get around easily? Try the Japan rail Pass ! The train in Japan is a widely used public mean of transportation and it is also very safe. Travellers are often encouraged to use it. Thanks to the train, you can travel all around Japan on 20 000 km of tracks called the Japan Railways. The passes are sold worldwide to all the travellers who whish to be able to get around Japan freely and easily.


As a matter of fact, the Japan Rail Pass allows you to go wherever you want to go and whenever, on any schedule you see fit. No need to bother booking a ticket everytime you want to take the train, just order the pass from home before you go to Japan and get it delivered to you quickly. In fact, Japan Experience can ship it to you within 24 hours of your purchase.


The pass is available for a period of 7, 14 or 21 days for the entire country. You can also buy regional passes, that will be cheaper, but also allow you to focus your visit on the region you wish to learn more about.

Don’t miss this opportunity, get yourself to and learn more about all the possibilities that available for you to organize your trip to Japan.