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Psychology as a Leadership Tool

Press release April 28, 2016 Goals Life Business Education, Course, Lifestle, Training, Life Coach, Human Resources . Leadership Development Learni

Personality traits such as empathy, integrity, credibility, and trust are indispensable – especially for a business professional. Organisations have become more organic and exist in correspondence with its employees. This is why communication and cooperation are crucial to organisational success.

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Psychology is no longer just a soft tool in the HR department. Psychology and modern personnel management are imperative factors that leaders at all levels must be comfortable with to maintain and develop the organisation’s internal and external processes. If you do not already incorporate personal psychology in your work, then it must be on your agenda for tomorrow.

The majority of global companies have experienced changes after the Financial Crisis. Companies have been forced to make employees redundant or sell off. Organisations no longer have the same product focus, and new demands are expected of the management. Big changes cannot exclusively be explained with a bottom line figure, they must also be explained through involvement, competence development, conflict management, and organisational behaviour.

Psychology Is Essential for Organisations

Organisations without a strong focus on psychology and postmodern HR have a high risk of meltdown both in terms of human and organisational. Typically, two different types of consequences occur when organisations incorporate psychology concepts. Employees either fall ill due to stress, or they leave the organisation in favour of an organisation whose DNA is based on the idea that knowledge, growth, innovation, and prosperity are highly connected with job satisfaction. Psychology as a management tool is about maximising employee output and equipping organisations for changes that should not be perceived as negative, but as an addition to an agile strategy. Visit for more information

The first module of Probana’s Mini MBA pertains to HR and Psychology and contributes to solid theoretical and practical knowledge on HR, Psychology, Communication, and Competence Development. Focus rests on developing skills that are essential for leaders in modern goal-oriented organisations. Visit for more information

An increased focus on psychology and contemporary HR comes with a stronger focus on internal communication. To put it bluntly, internal communication pertains to two things; (1) informing and involving the employees in how they and the organisation can reach a common goal, and (2) motivating the employees through straight-forward communication. An organisation’s challenges are easier to comprehend when the employees know the why and the how.Psychology and HR are closely linked to openness, and that occurs when organisational leaders communicate in a transparent manner. Visit for more information

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Goals Life Business Education, Course, Lifestle, Training, Life Coach, Human Resources . Leadership Development Learni