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Probana Business School: Supplementary Education Increases Competitiveness

Press release April 18, 2016 Training Executive Course Leader Business Education Leadership Career

Education is a heavily debated subject and the conclusion must be, that we need to be more educated to maintain growth and visions. If we are to be more inventive and efficient than our competition, we must help each other. To meet this demand we have formed an alliance with the most skilful professors and business professionals from across the globe to facilitate our courses.

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Flexible Education
Being in a demanding key position and maintaining personal life can be a challenge to most people. Adding an executive education to this equation makes it even more difficult. Therefore, Probana has developed a unique form of education, consisting of e-learning through which all course material is easily accessible. This form of education is chosen as we are aware of the unpredictability and volatility of the every day.

The e-learning is combined with course days where our course participants will acquire a strong network of other key business professionals and will be taught by some of the most prominent professors and business professionals in the world.

Great Leadership Is Crucial
As human beings we are attracted to good leaders whom are able to motivate and develop. The opposite goes for poorly qualified leaders. In other words, it is essential that companies create good leaders. Developing company leaders and the company itself demands continuous new inspiration, knowledge and concrete tools. This is what Probana offers and has contributed to its success in both the private and public sector.

Global society is developing. This means that small, midsized and large companies increase their recruitment process of new employees at all levels. The demand for bright minds is rising and as a result employees become more demanding. Leaders want to take supplementary education to reach a new level in their career and employees want to work under competent leadership.

Competent leadership does not only contribute to an organisation's bottom line, but retains and acquires talented employees. Society and organisations are prosperous, and if it is to be long term, competent leaders must become even more competent through unique inspiration, new tools and personal development.

Our Mini MBA equips you for the future. This executive education does not only contribute to the course participant but to the entire company and ensures prosperity. The Mini MBA is therefore a strengthening of both the individual career and company competitiveness.

Essential Business Knowledge and Tools
It is imperative that leaders are educated in contemporary knowledge and are able to apply this to concrete business settings during the education. This is highly regarded at Probana and is reflected throughout our course material. Focus rests on both hard and soft management tools, but also on the applicability of the material that is taught. One example is module 1 - HRM & Psychology. This module provides tools to handle daily HR tasks but also communication, conflict management and personal development. These tools are imperative to handling all leadership, including the hard disciplines such as strategy and business development - another module in our Mini MBA.

The strong platform, the concrete tools and the competent teaching have contributed to the international success and popularity of the Mini MBA. Every month, new executives from all across the globe register for our education. By signing up to our education, you will acquire a strong network that will aid you in your international success.

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Training Executive Course Leader Business Education Leadership Career
Annonce: håndværkerhjælp