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Probana Business School - An increasing demand for supplementary education

Press release April 12, 2016 Education Learning Leadership Executive Strategy Businessdevelopment

There is a vast need for further developing the global workforce as we live in such a competitive environment. This does not only apply for people in operations but also for executives.

Today, ambitions, visions and quality are needed much more than tradition when it comes to private supplementary educational institutions. In recent years, Probana has educated more than 5,000 executives and leaders. This demand verifies the need for education, which public institutions do not meet.

As a private institution, we offer an education that is rooted in the needs of corporate life rather than the traditional academic environment. This means, that we have optimised the education with regards to the curriculum, pricing and time consumption. We have discarded the idea of 'theory just for the sake of including it'. We have discarded many hours of appearance in classrooms, simply because it does not work for our course participants. Instead, we offer e-learning, concise academic texts and a price policy through which an organisation's bottom line is not affected severely by educating its management. Read more at 

This approach is a contrast to the classic academic one, in which the ideal of education from the Age of Enlightenment takes up more space in the structure of an education than what actually creates value. This is what we at Probana choose to combat. As opposed to many other educations, we depart from what corporate life and our course participants demand and need, not from what an academic tradition imposes on us.

Therefore, it is imperative that we reinvent the way we perceive supplementary education and that providers of private education play a pivotal part. As several areas of the traditional public sector need competition to improve, so does the educational system.

Our education is comprised and planned by renowned professors from public educational institutions. For Probana, they comprise an education that is contemporary. They account for the fact that leaders today must not only be strong and capable within strategy, but also in communication and psychology. This piece of insight is not acquired until you have experienced being in difficult management situations first hand and not from academic readings.

Each year, hundreds of executives sign up for our education. These are executives that know exactly what we offer, how we teach and the value they get for investing time and money. They share our perception of being ambitious and visionary when it comes to supplementary education.  

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Education Learning Leadership Executive Strategy Businessdevelopment