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Press release September 1, 2009 Business

The current economic climate has increased the demand for the management and monitoring of distributed teams within organisations.


Distributed teams are a group of individuals/staff who work across time, space, and organisational boundaries through an online connection.  The main reason for growth in this area is that it saves a lot of operational costs such as office space, travelling and accommodation expenses while improving performance and knowledge sharing capabilities of staff.  It also allows for consistency to remain within the team and allows the workload to be carried out more cost effectively and efficiently.

 The advances in communication technology have allowed more and more businesses to take advantage of distributed teams.  Smart companies are now recognising that making the most of the resources that they already have is the only way forward in this business environment.  One company who are about to release their free beta test version of their real-time communication and collaboration toolset for the management of projects, tasks and people is

 Their technology application is the first of its kind to go to market.  The development team at have integrated a set of technology tools together in order to make life peachy for the end user.  The development team’s main objectives were to keep the application simple and easy to use and this will be revealed in the coming weeks when registrants begin to utilise the application.

A Quick Snapshot of the functionality of

 Manage Projects – a simple way to keep on top of all tasks and deliverables of a project

  • Share Files – no more need to email files back and forth
  • Conduct Free Web Meetings (also called webinars, web conferences etc)
  • Share Desktops – collaborate online with a colleague by viewing their screen and controlling their mouse.  They can also do the same with yours (subject to you allowing it of course!)
  • Appraise Performance – Each project when completed can be appraised by the Project Manager and used as a very effective Performance Management / Appraisal solution.
  • Share Knowledge among your team through immediate “Live” collaboration

 The team are taking a community approach to their new offering and are at this time seeking professional individuals, industry experts and technology gurus to utilise the application.  These individuals will then be approached in an informal manner by the peachy team to gather feedback and comments that they may have after utilising the technology.  Essentially the team will be asking what is good, not so good and what can be improved upon, in order to make the application as peachy as possible for the end user.  If you would like to be part of the community please up at