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New Website launched – Talks about Cruise & Cruising

Press release April 6, 2010 Tourism shares news, views and interesting facts about cruising as a leisure activity, various cruise lines and popular cruise destinations.

Internet is full of blog on various topics, being managed by the enthusiasts of all sorts, however there are very few dedicated portals/blogs that talk about cruise and cruising, which is turning out  to be a very dynamic industry now days. Cruising is indeed a thriving industry, more and more people are opting to go aboard cruise ships mainly because this is a relatively inexpensive leisure activity, especially when you look at the recreational and aesthetic value of a cruising voyage. Traveling on a cruise is a unique experience, not only one gets to see some beautiful vistas, while sailing, but passengers can also roam around in some cities worth visiting, when a cruise stops at port of calls.

A big majority of people who are looking to go on a cruise trip, for the first time, usually logs on to the internet to obtain the basic information, rates, destinations and deals for cruising. provides all of this and much more in a very precise manner. Not only is this information helpful for the people already associated with the cruising industry, in one way or another, but it also offers some very interesting facts and figures for those who have never been to a cruise ship.

Speaking of the purpose behind starting this blog, Sabrina Gibson said, “I’ve had always been fascinated by the idea of long journeys on beautiful soothing waters, for the reason that it is probably as closer to the nature, as you can get. I want to share my passion with the like minded people, hence this blog.” People who are looking for reliable and impartial information about different cruise ships, destinations and best packages will find this blog extremely helpful. This dedicated portal can also work as a platform to share your views and opinions about some particular cruise lines or port of calls. All in all, it is a nice, promising addition to the cyber cluster of cruising websites.  

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