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New review site for portable computers

Press release December 21, 2005 IT

An international report-portal for reviewing laptop computers is online

Notebookreviews net
More persons are choosing a portable computer instead of a desktop PC. The market and the choice are steadily growing, and thus the consumer faces many choices when selecting a portable computer. Which computer best meets my needs? Which brand should I choose and how do they compare with each other? Which processor, which software, how much RAM?

The new review portal gives the consumer a unique opportunity to get a precise impression of what the different laptop computers offer concerning performance, functionality, battery life-time, type of screen and more. Using a large number of images, the computers are shown from all possible angles, so that it is also possible to see what ports the computers have as well was which accessories are included.

International benchmarking test results
The benchmarking tests use international standards and follow clear, test specifications which show not only how the chosen model ranked, but also how the different models shape up in comparison with each other. A computer that distinguishes itself well in the test will be designated as 'Recommended.” In addition to the fact sheets, there are a number of detailed description of daily use and battery lifetime in various scenarios.

'Converting to a laptop or notebook computer means a whole new technology for the user, for better or worse. Thus we will strive to provide the user neutral and impartial information, based on our own and many-years of experience in sales and in providing advise about portable computers,” says Thomas Kjærgaard from is the first of a number of international review sites that the Danish company will be launching, so that users in other countries also can access their unique guidance, when investing in a portable computer.

More information about is available from Thomas Kjærgaard
by calling +45 70 20 53 52 or by e-mail [email protected]

Photo caption: Read the review before buying your new portable computer