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New Jig-Saw Space Puzzle Already Available in the Appstore

Press release August 25, 2014 Jigsaw puzzle Free Game IPad game IOS Game Space puzzle Nasa missions

Put a jig-saw space puzzle together and enjoy photos from NASA real-life space missions.


August, Latvia – a new jig-saw space puzzle is designed for everybody starting from those who are interested in space and science to those who are simply impassioned about images of endless universe. Game developer got inspired from photos of the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) real-life missions and created this Space Puzzle. Puzzle not only challenges your logical and associative thinking skills, but also offers breathtaking views of different planets, moons and galaxies like planet Venus, rings of Saturn, giant Jupiter, etc. Space Puzzle experience is accompanied with classical music that adds to a thrilling illustrations of the cosmic world.

Space Puzzle is available for iPads with iOS 6.0 and later, it is free to download and play. You are challenged to solve more than 25 different puzzles as fast as you can since your time will be recorded in the leaderboards. Have fun and get inspired by the endless space that is around us. If you are interested to explore even more photos from real-life space mission and read articles about space and universe, please visit NASA website


Jigsaw puzzle Free Game IPad game IOS Game Space puzzle Nasa missions