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New Fixtures In Light And Unpretentious Design

Press release October 12, 2007 Homes & Gardens

A new fixture series from Louis Poulsen Lighting appeals to all design buffs – also young people preferring unpretentious interior decorating.

Flindt 220 Pendant

In introducing the Flindt series, Louis Poulsen Lighting strikes a light cord in the company's fixture range. The Flindt series came about in partnership with Christian Flindt - a young designer who has, through his original and highly expressive design idiom, quickly made a name for himself nationally and internationally.

The new fixture series - two pendants and a floor lamp - display a refreshing and novel idiom in innovative materials. Christian Flindt achieved the unpretentious look without compromising on the tough material and detail requirements Louis Poulsen Lighting poses to all fixtures. And Flindt more than meets the Louis Poulsen Lighting requirements to light distribution, the keys to creating comfort and ambience.

The Flindt series' utterly simple geometry coalesces with a high degree of visual complexity. The dual shades encompass a cylinder and a truncated cone, both weaved in white, matt vinyl string.  The weaving technique fashions a three-dimensional, transparent idiom, and patterns interchange when you view the fixture from different angles.

The Flindt fixtures primarily generate direct downlight. The white, matt strings prevent glare from the light source. The fixture head appears as a shining, transparent cylinder emanating diffuse and soft light into the room. Five acrylic wings create the fixture head structure. The wings also outline the fixture shape, being visible as measured, shining slits in the cylinder.

The Flindt series numbers two pendants with fixture heads of Ø 220mm and Ø 475mm. Flindt 220 Floor is 1,395mm high and comes with a fixture head measuring Ø 220mm. The weaved string is made from extruded white, matt vinyl. The wings are made from injection-moulded acrylic. The floor lamp foot is die cast high-lustre black zinc, while the stem is extruded high-lustre black steel. Flindt 475 Pendant is fitted with 1x100W incandescent lamps, Flindt 220 pendant and Flindt Floor with 1x60W. The three fixtures may also be fitted with energy-saving light sources.

The Flindt series will - through its complex, yet pure expression - appeal to everybody with an interest in superbly designed lighting - including young people with a penchant for informal interior decorating. The airy Flindt design makes the fixtures ideal for a wide selection of interior design contexts. Flindt pendants may be used for general room lighting or they may be suspended low above tables and seating groups.

Christian Flindt (b. 1972) is a graduate from the Aarhus School of Architecture. He studied as a post-graduate in London and worked as an architect in Melbourne and London, before he set up his own company in 2003. Has designed a number of chairs, Luxus, Ripple and Orchid to name but a few. In 2005 he received the Danish Design Award and in 2006 the Danish Bo Bedre Danish Designer of the Year Award. Christian Flindt's ideas have been described as so innovative and visionary that they are almost art.


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