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Need for security network in companies fuel the DPI market

Press release September 5, 2014 Dpi market, dpi market share, dpi market size

This report covers the present scenario and the growth prospects of the Global DPI market for the period 2014-2018.

The shift to bandwidth heavy services that ranges from voice and video to high definition (HD) video on demand, gives a clear indication of an increase in the burden on network infrastructure. Furthermore, security breaches in the network usually become expensive for most companies as they affect not only the customers but also the service providers. To ensure secured network and customer retention, the DPI (Deep Packet Inspection) network is installed that can monitor and filter data packets flowing in the network. The increased security aspect is one of the major drivers for the DPI market.

This report, Global DPI Market 2014-2018 forecast the Global DPI market would grow at a CAGR of 36.45 percent over the period 2013-2018. Most of the DPI solutions are used by ISPs or network operators including government organizations, to check the network behavior. While enabling the management of network traffic and bandwidth utilization based on the users, the service providers also enables ISPs to protect the consumer’s network from all kinds of security threats, especially virus attacks. Currently available in two forms, integrated DPI and standalone DPI, the services are however, only beneficial when it is used for legitimate purposes because many regulatory bodies, privacy advocates and law firms are actually misusing its potential.

Market overview

With increasing competition between the service providers, the need rises to develop and deploy different and better offerings in order to stay ahead. Furthermore, the providers should be able to deal with the explosive demand of bandwidth, application and network security concerns, and traffic management. Moreover, with integration of new revenue channels, the service providers of DPI market should be able to provide a high quality of experience. To gain the maximum market share, it is therefore, important to look into the DPI surveillance technology and provide solutions that record, monitor and take informed decisions based on data packet contents and in real time.

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Dpi market, dpi market share, dpi market size