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Mediation – A unique management tool…

Press release August 23, 2013 Education

Mediation is an acknowledged method when managing conflicts. Additionally, mediation is used as a preventive method to address potential conflicts, making the method even more beneficial.

Mediation is based on the idea that the conflicting parties have certain needs and interests in common. Mediation has a positive and result-oriented focus, which has to ensure that both parties are satisfied with the solution. Thus, mediation differs from other methods, as the solution does not result in a losing or winning party.

Mediation is characterized by the involved parties finding their own solution to the problem and determine when an acceptable solution has been reached. In this way, mediation acknowledges that all individuals possess the resources to solve problems on their own.

Mediation is performed by a mediator, who helps the parties through a conflict resolution process, which is divided into phases. The process results in an agreement between the parties on how to solve the conflict.

Conflict solutions obtained through mediation are usually sustainable, because the parties are deeply involved in the process and their most essential points are included in the final agreement. Furthermore, most people prefer a solution that they have actively participated in, rather than a solution that has been forced upon them. Read more at

The seven principles of mediation

Below, the seven mediation principles are described, which all should be respected to ensure a successful outcome of the mediation process, both in relation to the parties and the organization.

  • Respect for the individual's perception of the conflict
    During a mediation, it is important that both parties are allowed to keep their own perception of the conflict. The mediator is not supposed to provide an explanation or solution but rather help the parties to find an acceptable solution themselves.
  • Everybody is a winner
    In a mediation process, the conflicting parties have to determine what issues that are important to them and what issues that are less important as well as preparing themselves to give up on some of the less important issues. It is not acceptable to push through issues for the sake of principles or winning a game of pride. If this principle is respected, both parties end up feeling like winners, which is important for the agreement's durability.

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Annonce: håndværkerhjælp