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LP Hint – flexible post lamp in pure design

Press release September 17, 2007 Homes & Gardens

Louis Poulsen Lighting now adds LP Hint to its range of outdoor post lamps. The new fixture represents our partnership with Swedish designer Helena Tatjana Eliason.


In its design, LP Hint is the epitome of simplicity. But simplicity hides perfection as even the minutest aspects of the fixture head were designed in detail.

The designer found inspiration for the shape and design in glasses and clothing. Pleats and folds from dresses combined with light refraction in glass are all ingredients, which young Swedish industrial designer Helena Tatjana Eliason integrated into the LP Hint post lamp.

LP Hint post lamp is a complete, compact lighting machine. Behind the simple exterior, it stores pole connection, ballast, reflector and adjustment facilities. LP Hint was designed to accommodate easy, fast maintenance, so Louis Poulsen Lighting carries over the LP Icon Mini concept - tool-free light-source replacement.

LP Hint is available in two basic versions, one with a completely closed surface and one with an opal top shade, which helps to illuminate the actual fixture while also functioning as directional pointer in, for instance, hilly areas. Shades are available in clear glass mounted in the fixture or as a lowered shade, so that the fixture points an illuminated edge downwards. This edge helps in-dicating directions and also lends decorative effect to places where illumination should be more than merely a discrete aspect of the surroundings such as pedestrian streets and paths in urban environments. 

LP Hint is designed as a truncated cone, but with vertical sides. Its simple design makes LP Hint easy to fit into contemporary architecture. Viewed from the side, the post lamp appears rectangular, but changes to a more rounded shape seen from other sides.

LP Hint comes with fixture head in painted aluminium with sprayed, textured surface. Its diffuser is made of opal flow-formed acrylic. The reflector is metallised, flow-formed polycarbonate. Fixture housing is cast aluminium. Shades come in hardened, clear glass or flow-formed acrylic. LP Hint is available in three variants: Basic, Opal or Opal with shade. LP Hint can be mounted on poles measuring Ø 115mm or Ø 60mm.

LP Hint is fitted with 42W TC-TEL HF, 57W TC-TEL or 70W HIE/HIT.

Swedish designer Helena Tatjana Eliason deals with a wide spectrum in design and scenography. Her production includes chairs, tables and lighting solutions. She has an MFA in interior architecture and furniture from Konstfack, University College of Arts, Crafts and Design in Stockholm (2005). Helena Tatjana Eliason has participated in several exhibitions for instance in Sweden and Tokyo.


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