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Lobeck Medical AG tops previous year’s total figures already in the first quarter of 2009

Press release May 12, 2009 Medical

A good order situation for MediSmart® of Switzerland medical technology products: Sales in the first quarter of 2009, including goods on order, amounted to approximately 3.3 million Swiss francs – Increased sales figures for in-vitro diagnostics – Stronger demand for colon cancer early-detection tests expected due to increased prevention awareness amongst the general public

Frick, May 12th, 2009 - Primarily as a result of the award of a tender (invitation to bid), Lobeck Medical AG was able to top its entire annual turnover for 2008 in just the first quarter of 2009: As of 31st March, 2009 the Swiss medical technology firm had registered sales, including goods on order, of approximately 3.3 million Swiss francs (total sales for the whole previous year, 3.27 million Swiss francs). It is thus already assured at the start of the current financial year that Lobeck Medical AG can sustain its planned path of growth.

"The order situation for our medical technology products is excellent at the moment. We've been able to exceed the 2008 annual figures already in the first quarter of 2009", stated Andreas Dornbierer, President of Lobeck Medical AG, before adding: "We have seen increased demand for our blood glucose meter, MediSmart® of Switzerland Sapphire, not only in Western Europe but also in Eastern Europe and South America, where the order situation looks very healthy."

Lobeck Medical AG can also report increased sales figures in the area of in-vitro diagnostics. "We anticipate a clearly increased demand in the coming years, especially for our colon cancer early-detection tests, because awareness of the subject of colon cancer is constantly on the increase in public discourse", comments Andreas Dornbierer, with the clarification: "The fact that 27,000 people die annually of colon cancer in Germany although the disease can be prevented or cured by early detection is quite alarming." This is why education about appropriate preventive measures is so important.

The MediSmart® Colon Cancer Early Detection Test allows everyone to determine, in a private environment and with very little expenditure of time and money, whether there exists the need for further examinations, such as a colonoscopy, and thus clearly reduces the risk of falling ill with colon cancer.

Lobeck Medical AG's product portfolio is now even more focused on individuals who wish to practice preventative healthcare without having to permanently consult a physician. Lobeck Medical AG will serve this market even more effectively in the future with its user-friendly and inexpensive products. It is the long-term goal of the company to establish itself in further global markets with innovative new products in the medical technology sphere.

About the company:
The Lobeck Medical AG develops and distributes user friendly product solutions for the medical diagnostics market with focus on diabetes (glucometer) and home test products. With sales offices in over 30 countries the company has established a wide international distribution network to market new products developments under the protected brand name Medi¬Smart® of Switzerland all over the world. The Lobeck Medical AG is a Swiss company manufacturing high quality blood glucose meters in Switzerland to be distributed worldwide under its own brand name.

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