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Learn Common Languages With ESL

Press release February 28, 2013 Education

Knowledge of a second language is a valuable tool in today’s globalized world. Not only does it improve job and travel prospects, but in young children it has been proven to improve confidence and curiosity and give a better understanding of other cultures.

The most commonly spoken language worldwide is officially Mandarin Chinese, followed by English and Spanish. Other close contenders in a 2007 language census included Portuguese, Russian and Japanese. Taking up a second language is something many people are interested in, however making time for it is not always easy. Frequently, people may sign up to an online course or buy a series of CDs, only to get frustrated and give up due to slow progress. The horrible truth is that mastering a second language takes time and patience. ESL Schools are a company offering a huge range of classes at various levels, using innovative teaching methods that actually work.

Their numerous bases in Switzerland, Germany and France provide a stunning setting for learning, and courses are available for learners of all ages. Their specific 50+ language courses also prove that you are never too old to take up a new language. Offering tuition in French, English, German and Italian at different levels of intensity, these classes provide a great basis for gaining fluency and confidence in your chosen subject. In addition, ESL will organize accommodation with host families or in student apartments, meaning you can immerse yourself in the language with peers or locals during your free time.

The courses are a great way to give teens a summer with a difference: from equipping them with invaluable language skills to encouraging independence and travel. If you think your child would like to learn languages with ESL Schools, why not get them to visit the ESL website.

About ESL Schools

ESL Schools offer language residentials for learners aged 13 and up throughout Europe. Added extras, such as airport transfers, accommodation and leisure activities are organized by the friendly staff at ESL. <a href="">Language courses run in various locations, including Paris</a>, and offer fantastic value for money.