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Press release April 16, 2013 Education

New young employees often spend the first few years in the company contributing at an individual level. They solve their tasks on time and comply with the objectives set for them. By strengthening their individual skills and tackling over several different tasks they can make a bigger contribution, and will thus be candidates to be promoted.

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I think that from a time management perspective, learning lies in planning your tasks so that they are resolved on time, with punctuality, quality and reliability. The work values, that employees must learn are acceptance of the company's culture and adopting professional standards. When employees deliver good results and show good interpersonal skills, they will often be given additional responsibilities. If employees demonstrate that they can handle new responsibilities and can comply with the company's values, they will be promoted to be the first line manager.

When this occurs, they are in the first shift. Although it may initially seem like a natural and relatively easy career move, it is often here that it goes wrong. The employee does not make the behavior change and the change in values as required. We provide the solution - Global Mini MBA.

The skills that the manager must learn at this level of management are work planning, filling vacancies, delegating tasks, motivating and coaching others, and measuring employee performance. First line managers should spend their time differently, so that they not only complete the tasks they are asked, but also help others to perform effectively. In the authors' own words: "They must shift from ‘doing’ to getting work done through others." At PROBANA Business School we deliver educations to business executives that wants' to boost their career! Youtube: or see


Annonce: håndværkerhjælp