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Landlords (Property Owners in the Private Rental Sector) Reject Demands by Politicians and others to put in place a deposit retention scheme to be administered by the PRTB.

Press release April 30, 2009 Politics

IPOA (Irish Property Owners Association) are calling on politicians to totally reject a Bill being put forward by the Labour Spokesperson on housing and being backed by Threshold, a government funded organisation.

This scheme is totally unnecessary as legislation introduced in 2004 (Residential Tenancies Act 2004) already has a mechanism for the resolution of disputes which includes deposit retention cases.  This process is the perfect vehicle to deal with disputes but the problem is that the PRTB is not making any positive move in expediting hearings, which in the case of deposit retention should only take 7-10 days with the final determination issued.  At present waiting periods are up to 2.1/2 years for resolution, which is unacceptable.  This service is part of the PRTB registration system for which property owners (landlords) pay €70 each time they register, and since 2004 accumulated millions most of which is unallocated.