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Jamaican gone quite a Denmark

Press release November 2, 2008 Homes & Gardens

Designer Claire Requa designs and produces lamps, including the use of Jamaican motifs for her "Ayard" collection of Barrel lamps

(Copenhagen, Denmark and Kingston, Jamaica)-"Green" is a red thread through much of the designs that come from the hand of Claire Requa.  The current trend in eco-friendly is lighting consumers' spaces, most specifically, their homes. For Jamaican designer Claire Requa, who currently lives in Denmark, that also means taking inspiration from Jamaica, and adding fun and funky to "funktional" household lamps as well as lighting. Her lamps are sold in over 60 shops worldwide.

In addition to the Barrel line, Requa has designed an elegant and opulent line, simply called "chandelier" under her lighting line "Claire de Lune®" produced by accent.  The first "Chandelier" product is made in an untraditional yet environmentally friendly material - polypropelene (PP).  Finding eco-friendly ways to improve on a traditional style, Requa adds a twist to lighting.

In keeping with her profound commitment to protect the environment, she designed eco-friendly packaging for consumers to reuse. And if that wasn't enough, a gentle reminder is on the hang-tag of the packaging, which is also an attractive shopping bag.

Requa's concept is to design affordable lighting  that is sold flat-pack. The Barrel line currently has  13 motifs. Five of them  - the beginning of the "Ayard" collection - with specific inspiration from Jamaica are: sprinkles, grass, fern, doctor bird and mega sprinkles.

Lamps shown below:

- Barrels: Doctor bird and Megasprinkles (inspiration from seed flowers fallen from tree at Devon House)

- Chandelier BIG

"I love the idea of redesigning things in modern materials," said Requa of her Claire de Lune® Chandelier series.

A multi-talented, innovative creator and internationally acclaimed designer, Requa has designed clothing, with early beginnings selling at Devon House Craft Fair (organized by Sally Asher, Craft Cottage),  textile and jewelry, as well as furniture "re-design", interior projects, and graphic design. She takes inspiration from her country of residence - Denmark, but also from her diverse and cultural background as an American- Jamaican. Combined with her whimsical humor and creativity, Requa is most proud of the funktionality she applies to her designs that illuminate her unique and innovative expression. Claire de Lune® Chandelier has been featured in many Danish magazines, as well as a number of international magazines. To learn more about Claire Requa and Claire de Lune®, visit



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