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Ireland, Launching Pad For European Venture

Press release October 9, 2007 Business

- Ireland provides the best starting point for a European expansion, ascertains director Louise Elsted, from PressPort, which specialises in the electronic distribution of press material. The company is starting an ambitious European development plan with the opening of an office in Dublin.

- Through the development of Europe's most attractive commercial climate, Ireland has been able to place itself as Europe's visionary, pioneering country and a pilot project which has run over the summer, points precisely to Ireland's capital city as the best starting point for European expansion.

It is Louise Elsted, Director, of the newly established Irish company, PressPort, who in very precise terms placed Dublin and Ireland as the starting point for the company's European venture, which has the goal of establishing of offices in all European countries during the next five years.

The company started in Denmark where, as a pioneer and forerunner, it has developed software for the effective distribution of press release media in the seven Scandinavian countries. Louise Elsted emphasises that the Irish market, to a broad extent, can be compared to the Danish market, just as she emphasises that the company's European venture is built on an extensive search of the opportunities in Europe.

- Our European surveys show that the systems we have developed intended for the Scandinavian market is unique in a European perspective and has considerable market potential. But the surveys also show that Ireland's capital city provides us with the best starting point for European expansion, ascertains Louise Elsted, who also sees the office in Dublin as the spearhead to the British market.

- A great many companies have used Ireland as the entrance to the British market and we are ready to cover the entire British media market from the office in Dublin.

PressPort's director continues to explain that the preliminary work for the Irish start-up has been concluded in close cooperation with the Danish Embassy in Dublin and she adds that the new Irish department will have a direct connection to PressPort's system bases and will be established as the first part of a European network organisation.

- From the beginning, the company's focal point has been an optimal utilisation of the options in the electronic forms of communication and the construction of an efficient network organisation where few employees with a basis in common values and a great degree of individual freedom, draw on and further develop the company's common systems to the advantage of the customers.

- We have no ambition to become a company with many employees. The goal is an organisation, which with a minimum of employees can match the demands from customers and the media for a quick and efficient service, she concludes.