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Increased tourist visits is driving growth in the Indonesian hotel industry

Press release September 4, 2014 Hotels in indonesia Indonesia hotel industry Hotel industry Indonesia

Indonesia Hotel Industry Reports

7. Travel and Tourism

Mumbai, India – August 18, 2014International visitor arrivals to Indonesia in the first nine months of 2012 rose by 5% to 5.9 million from 5.6 million visitors during the same period in 2011. Recent research shows that hotels in Indonesia will continue to see a healthy demand for rooms, especially in Jakarta and Bali.

This report, The Future of Hotels in Indonesia to 2018: Market Profile, provides a detailed analysis of the market and focuses on the growth trends, major players, recent developments and key drivers of hotel market in Indonesia.

Market overview and key drivers

The number of international visitors to Indonesia has been growing consistently for the past six years. Local and global economic growth together with local tourism growth has had the greatest positive impact on hotel market performance across Indonesia. The domestic and international visitor arrival is projected to increase from the current 250 million to 400 million by 2022. An additional 100,000 guestrooms is expected to be required, translating to an estimated 700 to 800 hotels to be built in the next decade, thereby creating tremendous opportunities for both domestic and international hotel management groups.

Market challenges

The main challenge that the hotel industry in Bali is facing is the increase in the number of rooms in the past year which has led to falling revenue per available room. However, recent research shows that much of the excess supply will get absorbed on the back of strong tourism demand. As occupancy starts increasing, room rates will be rising upwards in most markets. Revenue per available room growth in Asian hotel markets is expected to turn positive in 2014.

Key players

The key players in this industry include Accor Hotels Indonesia, Archipelago International, Santika Indonesia Hotels & Resorts, Tauzia Hotel Management and Swiss-Belhotel International.

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Hotels in indonesia Indonesia hotel industry Hotel industry Indonesia