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Increased adoption and maturity of disruptive Cloud technology in 2014

Press release August 22, 2014 Cloud computing trends, cloud computing market, cloud computing industry

This report also examines the annual procurement budget allocation for cloud computing and highlights projected cloud computing budget patterns for 2014 - 2015 across industries.

Cloud computing, along with other disruptive technologies such as mobility, Big Data analytics and M&M, will help make available information that will allow for smarter and faster decision-making. According to Cloud computing trends, companies are experiencing democratization of enterprise technology with users looking for services that can be delivered on demand in a time and place of their choosing.

This report, Current environment and future outlook for cloud computing, analyzes usage status, preferred types, key drivers, and major challenges associated with Cloud computing, apart from identifying Cloud computing services which are currently used and planned for implementation over the next 12 months. Most of the businesses are already functioning on the Cloud, or store data, or deploy applications from the Cloud which means that the Cloud will be the major driver of IT spending and decision-making in the foreseeable future.

Greater segmentation

With companies beginning to understand the differences between public, private and hybrid Cloud deployment, in 2014 the cloud computing industry will see increased segmentation and better education about which type of Cloud works best for individual businesses. They have also comprehended the different types of workload and which works best for the cloud.

Democratizing software for small companies

With Cloud, democratization of software and application procurement process has become faster and easier to the point where even the smallest companies now have access to game-changing solutions. This has set off a new wave of innovation and competition for legacy application providers like Oracle, IBM and SAP.

Increasing capabilities among connected consumers

Considering the Internet of Things and management of devices over time, companies often face difficulty in distribution, collection of data and it’s sharing. Cloud with its capabilities enables seamless distribution, making it an essential tool for the coming year. Furthermore, the combination of ubiquitous 4G LTE wireless service and M2M solutions as a service — on demand, over the Internet — along with strong security would assist organizations to take decisions favoring M2M and Cloud services.

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Cloud computing trends, cloud computing market, cloud computing industry