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Importants Elements of Communication - Learn them now!

Press release August 22, 2013 Education

The reasons for paying attention to organizational communication are numerous. Good communication skills are essential to getting a message across. Simultaneously, miscommunication or a general lack of communication causes the majority of the conflicts that exist both in an organizational, professional environment and in a private context. But how can you as a leader with responsibility learn these things on an easy way?

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We all organizations and leaders use communication to verbally exchange information and knowledge intern and extern. Unconsciously, and at times consciously, in addition to words, thoughts and feelings are expressed in addition to words.

Communication can therefore be categorised at three levels: 

  • Verbal communication - "what is being said"
  • Extra-verbal communication - "the way it is being said"
  • Non-verbal communication - "body signals and external signals such as clothes"

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Many tend to focus on verbal communication; however, most of the information that is exchanged is expressed in a nonverbal manner. Research shows that only around 7 % of what is expressed verbally is received by the communication partner. Extra verbal and nonverbal communication constitute the primary communication between you and other people. if you manage these techniques you will be a leader your employees respects and look up to. See our Global online education at


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