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How to control your Work-life Balance

Press release April 9, 2013 Education

Work-life Balance and Self-management are concepts, which increasingly have affected the agenda in recent years. In most companies, it is no longer desirable that the employees display a traditional employee culture. This observation is consistent with the fact that the knowledge-based society profits of the employees’ individual competencies and considers them as more than just resources.

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When individuals address their work with a different attitude than earlier, and the boundaries between working life and private life merges, it results in several challenges. The most significant challenge for the individual is to balance the two different ‘lives’ in a satisfying manner.

In recent years, a discussion on unlimited work and the ‘complete individual’ at the work-place has accelerated. Unlimited work is related to the mutual effects between working life and private life. It is important to profit from the experiences made outside of work, and apply them at work in a suitable manner. Furthermore, the capability to put down limits in relation to work is important for the individual’s welfare. See our YouTube Video