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Global semiconductor industry records highest growth in 2013

Press release August 18, 2014 Global semiconductor company, top semiconductor companies, global semiconductor industry

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The worldwide semiconductor sales for 2013 had reached about USD 305.6 billion, the industry’s highest annual total with an increase of 4.8% from 2012. Spurred by the steady growth in all product categories, the global semiconductor industry recorded the best performance in December with total sales reaching USD 26.6 billion, indicating that the growth momentum would also carry over into 2014.

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Key growing segments within the semiconductor sector

Logic remained the largest semiconductor category by sales and reached about USD 85.9 billion in 2013, increasing by 5.2% from the previous year. Memory generated revenues of about USD 67 billion and MOS micro-ICs recorded USD 58.7 billion. These three were the largest sales-revenue earning sectors. Within memory, DRAM performed well and grew by an overall 33.3% annually while NAND flash experienced a growth by 8.1%. Other segments in the global semiconductor industry that recorded positive performance were optoelectronic products that reached USD 27.6 billion in sales and analog which reached USD 40.1 billion in sales alone.

Key areas that recorded growth

The Americas region continued to show positive growth where annual sales increased by 13.1% in 2013. However, Asia Pacific also regained momentum wherein it recorded growth of 7%. Europe also recorded growth but there was a sharp fall in Japan by 15.2%, mainly because of the devaluation of the Japanese currency. However, in 2014, the sales trend for Japan and Europe is pointed towards the right direction, but it has been seen that semiconductor sales in Q3 is stronger than Q4. To cite an instance, sales in the Americas region grew by 4.5% in Q4 defying all the seasonal trends.

The US semiconductor market grew three times faster than other regions, despite the lingering macroeconomic headwinds. Policy-makers have helped in maintaining and expanding this growth by enacting policies that promote trade in open markets and endorse innovations, including support for basic research funding, meaningful trade agreements and immigration reforms.

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Global semiconductor company, top semiconductor companies, global semiconductor industry